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Arkham Knight Preview: Release date 2 June 2015

Rock City is back with Arkham Knight and will be taking the gamer world by storm in 2015. Rock city were responsible for games such as Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. They did not do Arkham Origins that was by WB. The cinematic alone have fans purring over the excelled graphics and unbelievable game play, You may have trouble telling the difference between the cinematic cut scenes and the actual game play. Arkham Origins was hailed for the perfect combat system, fights against bosses such as Mr Freeze was hailed as one of the best boss fights in the Batman Arkham legacy.

Story Line
A year since Jokers death, Scarecrow has united villains and threatens to take down Gotham city along the likes with Twoface, Riddler and Penguin. It takes place in the future, conclusion to the Arkham series. He is now know as the Gotham Knight and wears a suit of armour, you see the suit interlocking in the trailers, he no longer has the leather suit he had in previous games.


Simple but varied combat has always been one of the Arkham series’ greatest assets, and the developers have retained the purity of the controls here rather than slipping into fiddly fighting combos.

That's not to say combat is completely unchanged. New moves include sneaky ‘Fear Takedowns’, which slow time so Batman can take out multiple enemies or hide before being seen, and the ability to disarm thugs and turn their weapons against them. For extra brutality, Batman will also be able to use the environment against enemies, giving you the chance to ram villains’ heads into vending machines or air-con units. Ouch.

Batman will also have a few new gadgets, together with enhanced versions of his existing kit. The new gadgets are still under warps, but there will definitely be a souped-up grapnel gun that'll allow you to make mid-air U-turns. The gliding mechanic is also getting an overhaul, so that Bats can glide for longer and do more while he is doing so.

As killer features go, the chance to drive the Batmobile is about as deadly as 10-mile asteroid hitting the Earth. It’s a real mean machine, a cross between a dragster and the tank-like vehicle of the Christopher Nolan films, capped off with steely metallic hubcaps and a flaming exhaust. It can drive itself, so you can call it to you at the press of a button, and there’s an ejector seat so you can leap out of it at high speed like a proper showoff.

Watching the bat mobile smash through walls, and lampposts through the street is truly astonishing. You may be surprised by the comparison of the likes if GTA games, the difference in graphics is like night and day and if you have not yet seen the trailer you should click here!!   

The Batmobile is also why only those with a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or powerful PC will be playing Arkham Knight: the visual details are so intricate that it demands 160MB of memory to display it. It’s enough to give an Xbox 360, with its total of 512MB of RAM, a seizure

Unless there’s an awful back-from-the-dead twist that we don’t know about, The Joker won’t be starring in Arkham 

Then there’s Arkham Knight himself, a new villain created specially for the game by DC Comics’ writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee. All we know so far is that he looks like some kind of anti-Batman, but given that they named the game after him, we’d expect him to be something pretty special.

Release date, 02 June 2015!

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