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Akame Ga Kill, Season Finale Review! Best Anime Of 2014?

Akame Ga kill, 

So Whats the Anime About?

In a dark world, filled with ancient relics, know as the 'imperial Arms.' a naive young boy named Tatsumi, sets out for the Capitol to earn money for his starving village, and finds a world of unimaginable corruption, all rooting from a greedy Prime Minister who controls the child Emperor's ear. After nearly becoming a victim of this corruption himself, Tatsumi is recruited by Night Raid, a group of assassins dedicated to eliminating the corruption plaguing the Capitol by mercilessly killing those responsible.

Season Finale:

The episode picked up from were the previous finished off, with Akame witnessing the heroics of Tatsumi. After watching the first few episodes of the anime, no death could surprise me, as Takahiro ruthlessly killed of fan favoured characters. I guess the fans didn't have time to complain as the series was only 24 episodes long, Haha... Anyway back to review, Akame had no time to mourn, as Esdeath was right on her heels. As she fell in love with Tatsumi, her heart was broken at the death of her loved one. Esdeath was ready to take her anger out on someone, Akame being one of the only survivors of Night Raid and face to face with Esdeath, it was the perfect timing for their showdown.

Having witnessed the endless power of Esdeath, you may have thought this would be an easy win for her, going by main characters being killed one by one. You wouldn't have put it past Takahiro to give Akame an instant death. Underestimating her would have been the wrong thing to do, her unrivalled skill with the blade Murasame, she was keeping up with the OP 'over powered' imperial arm of Esdeath combined with her raw talent. Esdeath slightly had the upper hand at this point, no matter what attack Akame tried she was repelled by the awesome power of Esdeath. Throughout the fight they would argue who's idealism views were right, both knowing fare well, that there grudge was far beyond settling with discussion now.

Akame on the back foot then pulled out her trump card, Murasame, the curse blade. Cut herself with it, fusing with the blade to gain 'demon like powers.' With her powers increased, she was fighting on equal footing with Esdeath. The first time watchers would witness such a feet, Esdeath struggled to keep up with Akame's speed and pulled out her trump card she used to defeat Susanoo, which was to freeze time. The second time you may think this is game over for Akame, but she anticipated this move and had a exceptional counter for it, which was an after image which left Esdeath shocked. Finally, Akame was able to deliver the killer blow.
Esdeath, realising her death was shortly upon her, wanted to die with Tatsumi in her arms. She grabbed him and disintegrated into the atmosphere with him. With the corrupt empire being defeated. Najenda, previous boss of the night raiders took control of things. With her life being shortened in the fight with Susanoo vs Esdeath. She vowed to do all she could before she died. Leone who fell victim to the hidden imperial arms, which took the power of your own imperial arm. Left Leone without her healing abilities and took to many bullets to her solar plexus. She still managed to kill Honest before saying goodbye to Akame she passed to her death in a hidden alleyway. Wave and Rin the two survivors of the Jaegers went there separate ways, realising throughout the anime that they may have been fighting on the wrong side. Akame left the capitol, not knowing what her aim is now, but never the less. Akame will go to help poverty across the world with her trusted blade, Murasame.

As a whole, i think Takahiro did a outstanding job with the writing of the original story, the production team put together an exhilarating anime with exciting fights and unexpected deaths throughout the anime. High recommendation for all anime fans.

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