Wednesday, 11 February 2015

New CryingSky Trailer!! Manga available for full read soon!

Please watch our trailer, of new manga CryingSky. 

The story follows a young, naive, but skilled swordsman called Janus. Not long after leaving Teary village, where Janus grew up, he meets a mysterious character going by the name of Zenith. Not much is known of Zenith, but what is evident is that when times are perilous, the two mercenaries make a deadly combination, which is surprising as Janus is as yet incompetent in many ways.

The manga brings action, romance, magic, martial arts, mythical creatures in a fantasy world. Follow the adventures of the young mercenary, who's first goals in life, were earning gold by taking on quests. Little does he know, that the fate of the four worlds could rest on his shoulders.

This comic is the first spin-off from the book 'Legacy of the Sky' which was first released in 2013. The creative team were then funded to make a manga version of the story.

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