Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dragonball Z Frieza's Resurrection!!!

After watching the previous Dragonball Z Movie Battle Of The Gods, the last thing Dragonball Z fans would have expected is a Frieza return. None the less thats exactly what we are getting. What leaves us puzzled is how and why? This wouldn't be the first time Frieza was brought back either. After being defeated by Goku, the first time we saw a Super Saiyan Transformation. Frieza was saved by his father as Goku did not kill him. Frieza was badly wounded but his father King Cooler managed to fix him with combining robotic parts to his actually body.

Shortly after being resurrected, Frieza wanted to take revenge on Goku straight away. He was quickly defeated along with his dad by a Super Saiyan. Not Goku but a future Super Saiyan who goes by the name of Trunks, Vegeta's son. Frieza's power level was clearly not of the level to fight evenly with a Super Saiyan let alone win. The trailers show Frieza reborn with a red aura, similar to the aura Goku has in Super Saiyan God mode, which would mean Freiza's has gained an exponential increase in powers to fight on equal terms with Goku from what we see of the trailer.
The Trailer hasn't had fans watering at the mouth as most seem to be sick and tired of the sight of Frieza returning for the third time. What fans are anticipating is the relation between Frieza and Lord Bills, how Frieza was resurrected and the explanation for his new power up.

Link here to Akira Toriyama's Dragonball Z movie:

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