Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dragonball Z, Onepiece and Toriko Crossover! Review!!


We first witnessed the collaboration of Onepiece and Dragonball, in a manga Cross Epoch in a 2006 special. We have also seen, cross over with Toriko and Onepiece collaboration in 2011, and 2012. Which didn't exceed majority of peoples expectation.

It was great to see 3 of my favourite anime shows of all time come together like this, for a collaboration. It did come as a surprise to have Dragonball Z universe characters thrown into the mix. Never the less, it is something I would recommend and hope all anime fans get a chance to see this!

The IGO (International Gourmet Organisation) are hosting the worlds best eating tournament. (Tenkaichi Shokuokai) It's an extravagant race on a island with beasts. Each of the shows contain rare beasts in there respective anime's, it turned out to work well in the collaboration. The main participants are the Straw hat Pirates, The Four Heavenly Kings and The Z fighters. Toriko and Luffy take the lead throughout the race. As Toriko and Luffy were competing with each other, they looked into the horizon and saw a figure ahead of even them. It was none other then Goku, which came as no surprise to us watchers. The writers wanted to distinguish the difference in strength, for each protagonist. Cross over battles often cause argument's between anime fans. 'Who would win in a fight between  Naruto vs Ichigo?' Etc. Few would argue of Goku being held at the helm. We do see other interactions along the way such as Gohan and lady Setsuno. The interaction between each of the respective shows bad asses, being Vegeta, Zoro and Zebra get caught into a 3 way duel. We don't get to see much, this came more to the annoyance of fans, as the clip only lasts a minute. Hopefully it's something we can look forward to in a another collaboration of the 3 shows.

The Fight:
Goku, Luffy and Toriko end up finishing the race at the same time and are locked into a 3 way battle! It was intriguing to see how the three would match up, the 3 way fight between them was interesting with Luffy and Toriko matching up, and Goku being a slightly stronger then both of them. With the choatic fighting from all 3, it lead the arena to be destroyed. Mr Satan, strangely became the winner which was surprising as he started off as the competitions spokes man.

After the competition, the majority of characters celebrate with the IGO, with a banquet containing Carat Sizzled Cattle. Mason tells the team of a sea creature called Akami, a monster with unique abilities! It takes the efforts of Toriko, Luffy and Goku combining there strengths to take down the sea monster.

Produced by: Arisu Takagi

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