Monday, 19 January 2015

Is Toriko Underrated? Legend Of The Heavenly Kings!


The legend of the 4 heavenly kings, since the anime series which hit the world in 2011. Many have questioned whether Toriko deserved the clout the anime was getting. A lot of anime fans had the problem of not understanding the underlining story line of the anime, 'A Shonen anime about cooking.' To be honest, I was sceptical about this anime after watching it the first time. If you keep faith you will tend to understand there is more to the anime then just cooking!

Toriko's main objective is to collect ingredients all over the world, for his full course menu. Which isn't as simple as it sounds, the world is filled with Gourmet hunters, along with the rest of the heavenly kings and vast others around the world. Toriko was born with Gourmet cells. Certain foods have an effect on these gourmet cells and give Toriko inhuman fighting abilities. The fighting abilities of the hunters are more then needed as they have to fight deadly animals who also contain advanced fighting abilities, to obtain the ingredients for his full course menu. Toriko meets a chef called Komatsu who happens to have the potential to be, one of, if not the best chef in the world.

The planet of Toriko is split into two parts, 'Of what we know.' The human world, and the Gourmet world. The human world is where the humans stay, hence the name. There are dangerous world beasts that inhabit the human world but nothing on the scale of what inhabits the gourmet world. It's not just the enormous, ferocious beasts you have to worry about in the Gourmet world, there are also climate changes you would have to adapt to, which is impossible without the right guidance and training. The beasts capture levels are giving numerical rates depending on how dangerous there are. While being monitored by the IGO! The IGO, maintains order and balance in the human world and have also got a foot hold in the Gourmet world which is harder to control. Evil organisations have the aim to capture and keep the most precious ingredients of the world, one organisation called the Bishokukai.

Through watching the anime I tend to understand why the manga fans would dislike the anime. There is a lot more gore, cutting of limbs in the manga. Taking into consideration that other anime such as, One Piece, hunter x hunter also restrict graphical scenes of limbs being cut off, due to the time the anime's are aired. This may be a annoying factor but understandable at the same time.

The anime made an abrupt ending in 2014, averting from the original storyline of the manga. Fans of the manga had a right to complain, with the anime being detrimental to the manga, and not portraying the essence of the story we admired.

Spoilers and Key information have been held back from this review, as a admirer of the manga, I would love nothing more, for other manga fans to enjoy and share the same fantastic experience for themselves, and share there thoughts here with others.

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