Friday, 31 October 2014

Marvel: Black Panther the next Avenger Movie!!!

The black Panther

Many Marvel fans were actually waiting for the introduction of this superhero into the avengers series. For marvel fans we would know that Black Panther plays a big part in some of the comic based story lines. Already making an appearance in Ironman  and the avengers cartoons, left fans anticipating his introduction into the marvel film series.

At long last the film is underworks from Marvel Cinematic Universe and the release date is set for November 3rd 2017! Yes the release date is in a few years but it's better late then never. The Black Panther will be played by actor Chadwick Boseman. Not one of America's most famous black actors but very talented none the less. He acted and produced 42 (2013), Get on up (2014) and draft day.

The black Panther is the royal leader of a African nation who was bestowed with powers. His hero name is called T'Challa King of Wakanda. The character was created in 1966, also making an appearance in X-Men comics and was married to Storm. Which was one of the biggest weddings in Marvel universe.

He is given his powers from and entity called the Panther God. These powers increase his physical abilities. Increasing his physical prowess and sense. Similar to that of sabertooth and the wolverine. He is also very smart he holds a Ph.D in physics from Oxford. He is not on the levels of arguably the smartest man in the marvel universe Tony Stark but he holds considerable amount of knowledge to Wakanda's most prominent resource, a powerful metal called vibranium. In contention of being Marvel Universe's strongest metal alongside adamantium. The metal inverted into wolverine. However vibranium is the metal used to create the unbreakable shield of Captain America.

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