Friday, 14 November 2014

Issue 1 Manga: Crying Sky out November 2014

First Volume Of Crying Sky out this November! Stay tuned…

Issue 1 of the highly anticipated Legacy Of The Sky Manga series is now dawning upon us. With the release of the first Manga to be released November 2014!

The Series will be a Spin off of the book version Crying Sky which was released in 2012! It focuses around the protagonists Janus and his companion Zenith before they set out on their first mission which will shock the whole world.


It is a time of injustice and treachery. Men seek power, and some will stop at nothing to obtain it, no matter the cost. Tension is rising throughout the realms, and many sense that war is coming. While some keep faith in the status quo, others seek out ancient magical relics to aid them in their quest for domination. Even teenagers must show their courage, hone their skills and be ready to defend their Kingdoms and tribes. Thrown into the mix are Janus and Zenith, two wandering mercenaries with mysterious pasts, hired to assassinate an evil tyrant. Will their mission succeed in neutralising this threat to peace, or cause a devastating all-out war?

Crying Sky volume one manga version will also be available in ebook.

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