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Avatar: Legend of Korra Finale, Book 5? New Avatar?

The legend Of Korra Season Finale!

The Legacy of Avatar Korra drew to it's end in 2014, the climax most expected from a catalogue of exhilarating episodes that kept all watchers entertained. There are many topics I would like to discuss, but let's get started on the episode!

As we know, the previous episode finished on a cliff hanger leaving us in suspense, to whether or not team Avater were able to escape the spirit ray, shot from the gigantic mechanical machine Kuvira had created. Batar Jr seemed to be the only one who came out with a bit more then a scratch. Witnessing the ruthlessness of Kuvira's character first hand, Batar seeked comfort from his mother regretting the acts he had taken under the command of Kuvira. Team Avatar quickly went on the offensive, while Meelo surprisingly came of with a great plan to Blind the Kuvira's view, while in the machine with paint bombs. Korra would then lead a team of her, Mako, Bolin, Lin and Sue Beifong!

Varrick, Asami and Hiroshi attacked via the humming birds built in the previous episode! We witness a noble act from Hiroshi Sato, maybe making up for his revolutionary behaviour whHiroshi Came up with an idea to cut into Kuvira's Machine, using a laser type weapon.

ich had him imprisoned in book one.

The Earth King was actually surprising helpful with helping the citizens evacuate the city via the earth bending badger moles. His delightful singing had the badger moles under his wing.

Varrick finally told 'Julie' how he felt about her and popped the question. To no surprise Julie quickly said yes as her feelings towards Varrick was out in the open.

The group split into two's, the beifong sisters climbed up to the arm and managed to disarm the machine's arm. Securing themselves with metal bending as the arm tumbled to the ground.

Mako and Bolin went to stop the spirit vine to disable the cannon, Bolin explained to Mako an energy blast to the vine will cause it to explode. Mako then told Bolin to escape as he wanted to destroy the vine by himself! Bolin assuming Mako was just trying to be 'cool' told him it was to dangerous. Mako ignored this and use lighting to destroy the vine. Causing explosions that could have killed him, he was luckily saved by Bolin who ignored Mako's request telling him to escape.

Korra went to engage Kuvira and settle things once and for all. Kuvira with her tenacity and raw talent combined with her skills with metal bending proved to be a match for Korra.

Odds ended even with their close quarter fight within the machine but Korra seemed to get the better of Kuvira on the field! Korra ended up having to save Kuvira's life, as Kuvira tried to use the spirit cannon as a last depth attack towards Korra. After the plan back fired and Korra having to go into the avatar state to save Kuvira and herself from the cannon, they were blasted into the spirit world!

Korra got her chance to speak with Kuvira and started to reason with and understand her more, the conversation turned emotional with Kuvira revealing her upbringing was partly to blame for her domination of the earth Kingdom and the attack on the united republic. Korra admitted that her and Kuvira are similar in more ways then one, and evidently came to an understanding.

The conclusion:
With Kuvira surrendering, the war came to it's end. The wedding celebrations of Varrick and Julie was a time to rejoice for team avatar, The epic series ended with Korra and Asami taking a vacation in the spirit world!

Korra stamped her place in the history books, having to be named one of the best avatars ever. Her predecessor Ang defeated the fire nation and established the united Republic, but that was maybe topped by Korra in her first few years defeating the likes of Amon, Unalaq, Zahir and Kuvira in her early years of becoming the avatar, also combining the spirit and the human world, creating the portal in the centre of republic city.

It's sad that this has come to an end, either a book five for Korra or the tale of a new Avatar is definitely something on the cards the fans are hoping for...

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